Another Way Real Estate LLC
Shouldn't your 
Listing Agent
also be an Internet
Marketing Professional?

Another Way Real Estate LLC is a Massachusetts Real Estate Brokerage
established in 2010 to:
    ►  develop state-of-the-art, interactive virtual tours and other real estate 
         marketing products for high value property sales; and, 
    ► offer marketing consulting services statewide; 
while doing business as a division of the company known as:
                             Advanced Virtual Tours.

In the first quarter of 2018, other divisions of the company will begin offering a 
range of complementary marketing products and services, including direct 
representation of owners of homes with market values in excess of $400,000 
as their Listing Broker.  At that time this simple website will expand to reflect 
those many additional offerings.  

At this time, the company's energy is focused on the growth of its 
Advanced Virtual Tours division and on evolving its internet marketing products 
to assure they remain state-of-the-art and highly cost effective.

For additional information:

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            ►  or contact Dan Shermeta: